Drury Christian Church


Location: 781 Drury Road on the corner of Drury Road and Giant City Road just one intersection south of Pleasant Hill Road.

Phone: 618-529-3680

Sunday Schedule:

  • Sunday School 9:30am
  • Morning Worship 10:30am
  • Evening Worship 6:30pm

Drury Ministries


  • Morning and evening worship services and Christian education classes for all ages each Sunday.
  • Children’s Church during the Sunday morning worship service
  • Kid’s Club on Wednesday nights during the school year
  • Community Visitation/Outreach each Tuesday
  • Vacation Bible School each summer in July
  • Food Pantry
  • Celebrate Recovery (New) – www.celebraterecovery.com

Drury History

Pre-History of Drury

Not wanting to rewrite that which has already been written about the reasons Drury Church came into existence let me refer you to the works of E.M. Williams called The Biblical Dialogs in the Christian Record. and “The History of the Biblical Dialogues”. The history begins in 1794 but Illinois enters the picture in 1827. What I write will be selections from there, mostly after 1827 plus information obtained from current (2009 A.D.) members.

Elder Barton Stone and Elder Alexander Campbell were attempting in the late 1700′s to unite all Christians under a single name. Campbell prefered Disciples while Stone wanted plain and simple Christian Church. Eastern Christian groups notably in New York were also holding conferences of unity. Elders Stone and Campbell were in Kentucky.
A point of doctrine which could not be resolved was whether or not baptism required complete immersion. Campbell held that it did. There is no reported dissention or argument simply a difference of understanding of the same passages.
The outcome of the efforts of Stone and Campbell today are that The Christian Church (Disciples) is an organized heirachy of many Disciples churches. That church follows their history back to elder Campbell. The Christian Churchs are independent without any central organization. Drury and the other Christian Churches follow their history back to Elder Stone.
The Churches of Christ spun off the Disciples in 1906. There is one Disciples church as of this date in Carbondale ministered by Katheryn Graves. There are two Churches of Christ ministered by Tom Steed at Sycamore CofC and Adell Anderson at the Walll street Church of Christ. These are our first cousins and each of us trace our roots back to the Elders Stone and Campbell.
There are three Christian Churches in Carbondale if we liberally apply the city boundaries. The South County Line Christian Church ministered by Dale King, Drury CC ministered by Ken Hall, and Union Hill CC ministered by Gerald Holmes. In the SICC there are currently ten Christian Churches.
In 1833 the first church of sicc was formed in a log cabin and called “Cave Creek”. In the same year Union-Water Valley was established, originally called “Old Union”. The ministers established more churches as the need and the resources allowed. Drury Christian Church in 1890 was the fourteenth church in Southern Illinois spawned by these early ministers.