Covenant of the Christian Church

Thankful for God’s everlasting mercy, and for His great gift of salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord, we covenant and agree together to seek, to know, and to do His Holy will and to promote, so far as in us lies, the triumph of our Savior’s Kingdom over a wicked world. Heartedly, believing that the Holy Scriptures were given by inspiration of God and that they are profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, and instruction in righteousness, and also that Christian Freedom requires that they be interpreted by individual judgement, we covenant together to accept Christian and worthy of our fellowship all who devotedly love the
Lord Jesus Christ and sustain a life of vital Christian Piety as taught in the Word of God. Anxiously desiring that all differences which separate Christ’s people may be removed, and that they may be one Flock and one Shepherd. We covenant together to lay aside all distinctive party names; and taking our title from
the Great Head of the Church, to be known simply and only as Christians. And furthermore, realizing that the success of each church depends on the consecration of its individual membership, we covenant together to attend the services of the Church, contribute according to out means for its support, to labor together to maintain peace and harmony, and, so far as possible, in every way to promote its temporal and spiritual welfare; looking for our reward to the peace of God which surpasseth all understanding, and to the crown of rejoicing laid up for all who love Christ’s appearing.